Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SuperPoints: How to Win on The Super Lucky Button

So I said that I was going to come back with a follow up info once a few places paid out to me, and they both just did! I'll start out with SuperPoints today, and then when I next get the chance I'll talking about iRazoo

SuperPoints is...

a free sign-up earn site, that is kind of like a slot machine- it gives you chances to win daily with the SuperLucky Button. There is one small catch: you must be invited by a current member. Luckily I ran into a member while I was in SwagBucks facebook page, and she invited me to join. In turn, if you are interested in joining, I'll be posting active invites. The invites are only good for seven days. I'll try to keep up on them, and if none of them are working I will send you an invite.

So if you decided to join, the next and the most important thing you'll need to do is upgrade your member level. Click here to see how.

How to Get Around

The SuperPoints page is fairly simple and easy to navigate to help you earn points. Here are a few ways to earn points everyday.

1. Clicking the Super Lucky button for a chance to randomly win points (1-200 points)
2. Watching short videos for 1-5 point(s) each
3. Completing special offers for mega points
4. Completing surveys for additional points (at the Gold and Platinum level you also earn when you referrals complete surveys)
5. Referrals: you win what they win on the Super Lucky Button.

What will I win?

SuperPoints has recently upgraded their rewards catalog. You can get everything ranging from cash (Paypal), to gift cards (such as Amazon), to electronics. Rewards start at 500 points, so it doesn't take long to earn, especially with a few active referrals!

A few Prizes:
$5 Paypal cash: 500 points
$5 Amazon gift card: 500 points
$10 Paypal cash: 1,000 points

The Proof!
Here is the e-mail that they sent me when I received my $5 amazon gift card, and the screen capture of when I placed the order to show how fast they delivered me my prize.

So, as it can be seen, I was able to already cash out another gift card today. Very happy to find another earn site that really works! Let me know if you too are interested in joining and I'll send you an invitation to join! Or check to see if one of the invites below are active. Invite tokens added:6/16/11






Psst! Check out my review of SwagBucks!

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